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Haiku – What Is It?

Haiku is a new open-source operating system that specifically targets personal computing. Inspired by the BeOS, Haiku is fast, simple to use, easy to learn and yet very powerful.

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Inspired By The BeOS, So What Does That Mean?

Well, back in the dim and distant past (at least in computing terms) there was a company called Be who created their very own operating system named BeOS.

This operating system was optimized for multimedia applications, had a simple, easy to understand interface and some powerful technical features under the hood (some of which other operating systems are just catching up with now.)

These features added up to a operating system which could keep up with the demanding new requirements of the burgeoning horde of multimedia applications, whilst simultaneously being responsive to user's requirements.

As a result of this power and simplicity many followers were attracted to the thought of a future free from the blight of contemporary operating systems.

But all was not well in the land of Be...

When a dark enemy began to rise in the north west, the guardians of BeOS clung to a desperate and ultimately fruitless hope; That they could hide from their enemy by sending their creation into a new and untamed land named 'Internet Appliance'dom. However the people, who BeOS required to survive, did not follow and the once proud company ceased to be.

Once Be had closed its doors, BeOS was cast aside and lost, and its many loyal users were left out in the cold and fearful of a thousand years of tyranny. But, as the legends recount, one brave young hero declared that he would set out on a long and tortuous journey to find OS nirvana.

And so the OpenBeOS project was born...

OpenBeOS I hear you cry. Yes, OpenBeOS. For that is the name that was.

However, in order to keep the project safe from the beasts at wait along his path a mighty spell was cast and so a new operating system was forged and its name was Haiku.

And that's exactly how it happened. Well almost...