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Odds 'n' Ends — CV/Professional Experience

This is my Curriculum Vitæ (with a few bits taken out) in lovely HTML. If you want the complete one you can email me at work-@-sffjunkie-DOT-co-DOT-uk (replacing the -@- and the -DOT- with some sensible defaults) and if I'm looking for a new job I'll think about sending you a copy ;-)

The document contains all the HTML + CSS + Javascript necessary, so you only need the single file.

It has the following features...

  • Is valid HTML 4.0 Strict.
  • A print stylesheet.
  • Javascript for expanding/collapsing sections.
  • Embedded PNG image data (Note: This does not work for IE6, probably 7 and possibly 8, but hopefully 9.)
  • Some CSS3 goodness.