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Odds 'n' Ends — DocBook

This section contains links to various DocBook XSL template customizations created when building the Haiku legacy documentation (BeBook + Newsletters)

Index Page

Creates a list of links to index sections. For each letter which has an associated index division a link to that division is generated. It also creates a similar link for symbols.

Docbook Index List

XSL: index.xsl


Changes the admonitions to use a div based structure

Docbook Admonition

XSL + CSS: admon.xsl + admon.css

Variable List Table Headers

Used for variable lists which have an item and associated description. When outputting variablelists as tables generates a table header based on the role attribute i.e. when the role is set to 'returncodes' then the following table is produced.

Docbook Variablelist

XSL: variablelist.xsl

Multiple Stylesheet Types

This template modification adds some extra parameters

  • html.screen.stylesheet
  • html.print.stylesheet
  • html.aural.stylesheet
  • html.braille.stylesheet
  • html.handheld.stylesheet

to output link elements for the associated stylesheet media types.

XSL: stylesheet.xsl

Author & Authorgroup

Adds the text 'By' before (1) an author if it's not part of an authorgroup and (2) before an authorgroup.

XSL: author.xsl


Provides a workaround to bug number 47639 which requires turning off hypenation otherwise borders around inline boxes may be cut-off.

XSL: fop-bug.xsl