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Ask Me Anything (AMA).

AMA is a Python package to prompt the user for answers to a series of questions and return the results as a dictionary.

Questions can be asked from the terminal or from a Tkinter GUI using the same configuration. This configuration is stored in a JSON format string.


Documentation can be found here.


AMA has no required dependencies however...

  • If you want coloured output on the terminal you'll need to install the colorama distribution.
  • If you want easy editing of the text in the CMD shell on Windows you can install the pyreadline distribution


Version Description URL
0.1 Initial version

Source Code

The source code for the AMA package can be browsed here

You can download the latest version of the source using Bazaar (bzr)

bzr checkout lp:asker

Bug Reports

Please use the Asker project page on to submit bug reports.