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ExPeL – The Python xPL Library.

ExPeL is a Python package which allows you to easily create a networked XPL device which can consume and produce messages as per the xPL protocol specification.

It comes as 2 parts of a meta-package expel and expel.message.

  1. expel.message handles the manipulation of xPL messages. expel.message works without the expel base package being installed.

  2. expel provides a means of responding to and producing xPL messages as defined in the xPL Protocol Specification and uses expel.message to manipulate xPL messages.


expel is dependent on the following Python packages...

and expel.message only has a single dependency


Version Description URL
0.1 Initial version

Source Code

The source code for the expel package can be browsed here

You can download the latest version of the source using Bazaar (bzr)

bzr checkout lp:expel

Bug Reports

Please use the Expel project page on to submit bug reports.