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ITC Extractor.

This is a small Python module to extract the images from an iTunes ITC file.

Based on the work of Dennis Lee this Python module extracts the images from an ITC file. The ITC file format now has the capacity to store multiple images which this module can extract.

Usage: python [options] filespec

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -l, --list            list image information and exit.
  -n NUMBER, --number=NUMBER
                        only output image number NUMBER.
  -b BASENAME, --basename=BASENAME
                        base name for output files appended with the image
                        number and extension.
  -d DIRECTORY, --directory=DIRECTORY
                        base directory for output files.
                        add an image. To specify an image include 3 arguments
                        separated by colons filename:width:height
  -q, --quiet           do not display info when extracting.

so running the following…

python -l ..\data\B8748DAC8262BE49-D44D96D70B751BA0.itc

will produce information on the images embedded in the ITC file.

ITC File Information for ..\data\B8748DAC8262BE49-B59A14EA21FE5400.itc
    Image 01, width=128, height=128, format=PNG, location=local
    Image 02, width=256, height=256, format=PNG, location=local
    Image 03, width=400, height=400, format=PNG, location=local




Version Description URL
  • Removed shebang line in attempt to get OSX to load the script when invoking it with ''.
  • Saved with Unix line endings
0.3.1 Code added to support a second format identitifer for PNG image data.
0.3 ARGB Support added
iTunes has added another image format to the ITC file - ARGB. The image data is stored as raw ARGB with no image file wrapping the data. This image data is exported as a PNG file.

Now with old version file handling and experimental write support.

  • 'Old' ITC files can now be handled. However, as these have an ever so slightly different layout and no version number indication within the file, it's not guaranteed that they will be handled completely correctly.
  • Experimental write support has been added.
0.1 Initial version

Bug Reports

Please use the ITC project page on to submit bug reports.